The Operational Data Store Component

For all of the benefits of a data warehouse and its associated data marts, there is still a need for collective, integrated operational, DSS/informational processing. When this need arises, an operational data store (ODS) is in order. An ODS is a hybrid structure that has equally strong elements of operational processing and DSS processing. This dual nature of the ODS easily makes it the most complex architectural structure in the corporate information factory (Figure 6.1).

What Is an Operational Data Store?

An ODS is a collection of detailed data that satisfies the collective, integrated, operational needs of the corporation. Generally, these needs arise in the following situations: as strategic decisisons are made using the data warehouse and/or data mart and action is required; as integrated operational reporting is needed across multiple but related operational systems (e.g., distribution systems, customer service systems, etc.) The ODS is:

Images   Subject-oriented

Images   Integrated

Images   Volatile


Figure 6.1  The operational data store.

   Current-valued ...

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