The Data Mart Component

The data warehouse is at the heart of DSS/informational processing for the corporation. A data warehouse is often the first place integrated data is found in the corporation and is the appropriate place for historical data.

The data warehouse, however, is not the answer to all the problems of DSS processing for the following reasons:

Images   As the data warehouse evolves, it becomes increasingly difficult to access because its design evolves to efficiently integrate and manage large volumes of quality data. This resulting design generally does not present the data in a legible format or in a fashion that optimizes query performance.

Images   The data warehouse is a truly corporate utility, so its data is not stored in an optimal fashion for any given department.

Images   The data warehouse is used by many people, so considerable competition exists to get to the resources required to get inside the data warehouse.

Images   The large volumes and organization of data in the data warehouse require so much storage and processing power that the cost of DSS computing facilities is ...

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