Chapter 9

The Environmental Dimension of Sustainability Performance: Government Policy, Societal Forces, and Environmental Management

Public awareness in companies’ environmental performance is growing. To effectively compete in the global market, companies worldwide should integrate environmental sustainability into their business strategies and model. Many of the business calamities that occurred in the past decade prove that corporate environmental responsibilities are vital to economic sustainability, the well-being of society, and future generations. This chapter presents the environmental dimension of economic, governmental, social, ethical, and environmental (EGSEE) sustainability performance including: (1) environmental key performance indicators (KPIs); (2) global environmental initiatives; (3) environmental management systems (EMS); (4) environmental reporting; (6) environmental assurance and auditing; and (7) environmental best practices.
Companies should respond to environmental challenges and turn them into opportunities that change their environmental management, policies, and practices to safeguard the global environment and improve related performance.


Many of the business disasters that occurred in the past decade prove that corporate environmental policies are vital to economic sustainability and the well-being of society. The BP oil spill unleashed an estimated 140 million gallons of crude oil on the Gulf of Mexico, forever ...

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