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Could I Do That?

Book Description

Yes you can!

Hands up who feels like a completely inadequate underachiever whenever you hear about someone's great achievement. When someone in the office is off cycling around the world, or someone on TV has just launched a great new business which will save the planet? Most of us envy the drive and determination of these people. They've actually made this stuff happen rather than just day-dreamed about it. We all ask...Could I Do That?

Well Simon Hartley is here to show us that we can! Taking on a challenge - big or small - in your career or personal life, can be intimidating but also totally transformational. Simon will show us how to work out what it is we want to do and then how to make that happen. He uses examples and advice from others who have achieved big things.

The book examines how you should go about preparing for change, which problems you'll face along the way, and demonstrates why and how your life will be better as a consequence.

  • Practical and motivational, it's about embracing change and defeating limiting beliefs

  • It challenges readers to think big and take steps to achieving their goals

  • It puts power in the hands of people who don't yet realise that they can do extraordinary things too

  • Table of Contents

    1. Endorsements
    2. Title page
    3. Copyright page
    4. Foreword
    5. Introduction
      1. The Inspiration
      2. Your Challenges
      3. Do You Fancy a Journey?
      4. It's Not Just Me
      5. Finding Your Challenge
    6. Chapter 1: The Inception
      1. From Ground Zero
      2. What If Your Challenges Choose You?
      3. From Inception to Commitment
      4. Chapter Summary
    7. Chapter 2: The Why
      1. So, What's the “Why”?
      2. The Acid Test
      3. What Difference Does it Make?
      4. What's More Important?
      5. Striking the Balance
      6. Decisions, Decisions
      7. Chapter Summary
    8. Chapter 3: The How
      1. What if I Don't Find the “Right” Answers?
      2. Using Our Discomfort Zone
      3. Where Do I Start?
      4. It's Like Navigating in a Fog
      5. Hey, Stop Moving the Goal Posts!
      6. Chapter Summary
    9. Chapter 4: Diving into Your Discomfort Zone
      1. “That's Mental”
      2. Could I Already Do This?
      3. Boundaries and Milestones
      4. Use Your Discomfort Zone
      5. Baby Steps
      6. Chapter Summary
    10. Chapter 5: Taking Control
      1. The Battle Between Your Ears
      2. Am I really cut out for this?
      3. Winning the Battle
      4. Is That SMART or DUMB?
      5. Those Serial Success Stories
      6. Chapter Summary
    11. Chapter 6: It's Not Just About You
      1. The Negative Energy
      2. It's Not Just Your Challenge
      3. The Value of Negativity
      4. The Importance of Balance
      5. Your Authentic Response
      6. Take the Wheel
      7. Chapter Summary
    12. Chapter 7: To Quit, or Not to Quit …?
      1. Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
      2. The Challenges Change, They Don't Disappear
      3. Is It a Setback or an Opportunity?
      4. Thank You Mr Blister
      5. Stop and Take a Moment
      6. The Quiet Voice
      7. Setbacks
      8. What Happens if a Bombshell Drops?
      9. Decision Time
      10. What Now?
      11. Chapter Summary
    13. Chapter 8: Is Failing Really Failure?
      1. Change Course
      2. If You Want Great Answers, Ask Great Questions
      3. Take Responsibility
      4. Re-Group
      5. Chapter Summary
    14. Chapter 9: Infinity and Beyond
      1. The Truth
      2. Observe Your Thoughts
      3. Challenge Your Doubts
      4. It's Not How We Start, but How We Finish
      5. Some Final Wise Words
      6. Steve Williams:
      7. Robyn Benincasa:
      8. Jon, my brother:
      9. Andy Reid:
      10. My Journey
      11. Your Journey
      12. Could I Do That?
    15. Bibliography and References
    16. Image List
    17. About Simon Hartley
    18. End User License Agreement