Accountability, 83, 191197


AI, see Artificial intelligence

Annual report card for Hospital Heal, standard work process for developing, 89

Appleton, 7071

Artificial intelligence (AI), 170


Balanced Scorecard (BSC), 45, 75

logic, 76

philosophy, 86

Boundaryless Organization, The, 20

Bringing Leadership to Life in Health, 23

BSC, see Balanced Scorecard

Business, 68

intelligence tools, 165

processes, 169170

quality, 144

Business excellence model, 51, 143

implementing at Hospital Heal, 53

operational excellence, 51

organization’s cultural operating system, 52

resource deployment, 5455

training plan, 142

works, 54


Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), 76

CAP model, see Change Acceleration Process model

Cascade ...

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