© Sibel Deren Guler, Madeline Gannon, and Kate Sicchio 2016

Sibel Deren Guler, Madeline Gannon and Kate Sicchio, Crafting Wearables, 10.1007/978-1-4842-1808-2_3

3. From Textiles to Wearables

Sibel Deren Guler, Madeline Gannon2 and Kate Sicchio1

(1)Brooklyn, New York, USA

(2)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

In order to understand how electronic devices can be embedded into clothing, let’s first review current and past textile and manufacturing techniques. Textiles is a billion-dollar global industry , and the top three exporters of textiles are China, India, and Italy. Most clothing is produced at a mass scale to reduce cost and speed up the manufacturing process: it is much easier to set up a machine to make 1,000 shirts at once then it is to run a ...

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