This chapter is really something of an extension of Chapter 11 in that the things you decide to do on or with your blog will have a great deal of impact on how many people want to look at it and, better yet, tell their friends about it.

Of course, it's a given that one has to have a blog that is functional and pleasing to visit as well as good photography to show. If those things are in place and you've published your syndication feeds, listed your blog with all the directories and portal sites that cater to photo blogs, joined a few community sites such as and flickr, and told all your friends and family, you've done all the necessary steps and your photo blog should do fine. This chapter is about the extra steps you can take to set your photo blog apart from the pack.

Selling Your Prints

One of the things that appeals to many photographers is the prospect of selling their work through their blogs. Many people, such as Noah Grey of Grey Expectations ( as shown In Figure 12-1 and David Nightingale of Chromasia ( as shown In Figure 12-2 do so successfully from their sites.

Organizing prints on your site

You will need some way to indicate to people which of your photographs are for sale.

There are several possibilities for performing this function. The easiest is making a simple statement ...

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