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Creating a 2D Platformer

Video Description

Create fun cross platform mobile games easily with a unified code base

About This Video

  • Course helps you to create your own simple engine for mobile games.

  • Learn why to use physics to control the characters and handle collisions

  • Shows comprehensive ways of how to move on to actually game creation, post engine creation

  • In Detail

    In this course, we are going to learn the fun part - creating a game! We will start by designing the game and how you want it to work, before learning about the basic game loop and an introduction to the physics system Farseer.

    You will then move on to building our game by starting with the platforms that the player will jump on,and then actually creating our main character Zippy. You then need to create some enemies to make the game more interesting, and add some collectibles to get as you progress.

    The final part will then put all this together into a level class, as well as creating the UI and the main menu so that players can navigate to different sections of the game.