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Creating a Database with SQLite

Video Description

Journey to database mastery as you learn how to create a simple database and manipulate its data. In this video, SQL expert Allen Taylor explains how to build a simple database with SQLite, an open source database engine. Part 1 introduces SQLite and explores its basic features. In Part 2 you'll create your first table and start entering some data. Part 3 explains basic queries and how to use the SELECT statement and the FROM and WHERE clauses.

After watching Creating a Database with SQLite, you will understand how to build a basic database and how to query and retrieve information from it. 

What You Will Learn
  • Discover the SQLite user interface features and characteristics
  • Use SQLite to add or remove data in your database
  • Work with multiple tables in a database
  • Find the information you need in your database

Who This Video Is For

Programmers who are new to databases, as well as non-programmers who must retrieve information from databases.