Creating a Web Site with Flash CS4 Professional: Visual QuickProject Guide

Book description

With most U.S. households having Internet connections, more people than ever are looking to develop their own sophisticated Web sites. The need for easy-to-grasp information on how to make an interactive and well-designed site has never been higher as more people need to learn or improve their Web skills. For the busy professionals whose boss wants them to jazz up their Web site, or the student burning the midnight oil to put together some Web animations for a class, Creating a Web Site with Adobe Flash CS4 Professional: Visual QuickProject Guide is just the book they need to start creating Flash sites in an instant. Pared down to just the essentials, this book shows readers who are short on time just what they need to know to accomplish their first project in Flash. Topics covered include using the Flash authoring tool, creating and animating graphics, tweening, loading dynamic data, and adding sound and video, plus coverage of new Flash CS4 features. It’s everything readers need to know to develop their Web site using Adobe Flash! The book’s companion Web site offers project files and updates.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Special Thanks to...
  3. Introduction
    1. What You’ll Create
    2. How This Book Works
    3. Companion Web Site
    4. Explore Flash
    5. The Next Step
    6. Extra Bits
  4. 1. Prepare Your Site Files
    1. Define Folder Structure
    2. Create Your Site File
    3. Set Document Properties
    4. Save Your File
    5. Load a Workspace
    6. Save Your Color Scheme
    7. Extra Bits
  5. 2. Design the Layout of Your Stage
    1. Set Up Guides
    2. Draw Background
    3. Draw Object Primitives
    4. Edit Primitives
    5. Add Gradient Fills
    6. Edit Gradient Fills
  6. 3. Add and Style Text
    1. Add a Single Line of Text
    2. Fixed-Width Text
    3. Change a Text Box
    4. Add an E-mail Link
  7. 4. Work with Imported Objects
    1. Reusable Graphics
    2. Import Vector Art
    3. Organize Symbols
    4. Symbol-Editing Mode
    5. Transform Objects
    6. Set 9-Slice Scaling
    7. Object Hierarchies
    8. Organize with Layers
    9. Move Between Layers
    10. Import Bitmap Image
    11. Add Masking Layer
    12. Edit Masked Objects
    13. Extra Bits
  8. 5. Use the Timeline to Organize Your Site
    1. Illustrator Import
    2. Outlines & Highlights
    3. Frames & Keyframes
    4. Add Frame Labels
    5. Control the Timeline
    6. Extra Bits
  9. 6. Add Animation to Your Web Site
    1. Use Motion Presets
    2. Tween Properties
    3. Create Shape Tween
    4. Use the 3D Rotation Tool
    5. Modify Motion Tweens
    6. Save Motion Presets
    7. Motion Editor
    8. Rearrange Frames
    9. Pause an Animation
    10. Preview Your Movie
    11. Control Movie Clips
    12. Extra Bits
  10. 7. Build a Navigation System
    1. Add Sections to the Site
    2. Create Buttons
    3. Preview Button Actions
    4. Animate a Button State
    5. Add Button Sound
    6. Duplicate Buttons
    7. Layout Buttons
    8. Add Actionscript
    9. Extra Bits
  11. 8. Add Inside Sections of the Web Site
    1. Import Symbols
    2. Update Symbols
    3. Create Input Text
    4. Set Dynamic Text
    5. Create Scrolling Text
    6. Load and Style Html
    7. Load Xml Content
    8. Use UI Components
    9. Bind Data to the UI
    10. Set UI Interactions
    11. Load External Movies
    12. Form Components
    13. Extra Bits
  12. 9. Use Flash Video
    1. Video Playback Area
    2. Import Video
    3. Use Cue Points
  13. 10. Publish Your Web Site
    1. SWF Settings
    2. Html Settings
    3. Collect Files for Upload

Product information

  • Title: Creating a Web Site with Flash CS4 Professional: Visual QuickProject Guide
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2008
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321610515