Appendix B. Useful Web Sites

Throughout this book, you learned about a number of great Web sites where you can download handy software or get valuable information. Odds are, you’ll want to revisit some of these sites to keep honing your Web skills (or just to get free stuff). To save you the effort of leafing through hundreds of pages, this appendix provides those links, grouped by chapter.

To avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, you don’t need to painstakingly type these URLs into your browser. Instead, use the online version of this appendix located, on the Missing CD page at That way, once you find a site you want to visit, you’re just a click away. In addition, check this page for late-breaking changes (like URLs that have moved to another location).

The following tables list the links found in each chapter. Each table lists the links in the same order they occurred in the text. You’ll find all kinds of links here. Some point to useful tutorial sites and articles, others to Web curiosities, and still more to handy free tools or downloadable pictures and media. Particularly important or noteworthy links appear in bold.

Table B-1. Chapter 1. Preparing for the Web



The history of the Internet

Internet Explorer (browser)

Firefox (browser)

Safari (browser)

Summary of Mac browsers ...

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