Chapter 13. Virtual Reality Enterprise Training Use Cases

This chapter is about virtual reality (VR) enterprise training, focusing on the usage of spherical video. In writing this chapter, my goal was to put down what would have been most useful to us, when we were getting started. I hope it can be useful to you.

Introduction: The Importance of Enterprise Training

Enterprise training will be the first major success story for VR because of how well VR’s strengths and limitations match to the enterprise training environment. Training is a bigger market than people think; in 2017, $121.7 billion was spent on gaming, but $362.2 billion was spent on training.10, 13

In 2018, STRIVR shipped 17,000 Oculus Go head-mounted displays (HMDs) to Walmart. That’s multiple HMDs in every single Walmart store in the United States, with more than a million Walmart employees having access to enterprise training in VR every day. That’s impact. Figure 13-1 depicts STRIVR’s makeshift warehouse, where everyone is pitching in to perform quality control on each headset.

17 000 Oculus Go s being prepared for shipping.
Figure 13-1. 17,000 HMDs being prepared for shipping (© STRIVR 2018)

For VR to be successful, it needs to solve one specific problem at scale and do it better than any other technology. Enterprise training is an industry ready to be transformed. Enterprise training is that problem.

This chapter lays out use cases, challenges, ...

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