Creating Keynote Slideshows: The Mini Missing Manual

Book description

A thorough, indispensable guide for anyone who needs to create a Keynote presentation-now!

Table of contents

  1. Creating a Keynote Slideshow
    1. Themes = Templates
    2. Your First Keynote Slideshow
      1. The Toolbar, Format Bar, and Inspectors
      2. Slide Size and Slide View
      3. Adding Your Text
      4. Changing the Slide Layout with Master Slides
      5. Adding an Image
      6. Making Changes to the Layout
      7. Adding and Inserting Slides
      8. Adding Slide Transitions
      9. Changing the Theme
      10. Using the Presenter Notes Pane
      11. Playing the Slideshow
    3. Browsing and Organizing Your Slides
      1. The Slide Navigator
      2. Navigator View
      3. Outline View
      4. Light Table View
    4. Saving Your Slideshow
      1. Automatic Backups
    5. Opening an Existing Slideshow
      1. Importing Files from Another Program
  2. Laying Out Your Slides
    1. Setting Up the Keynote Document
      1. Choosing a Presentation Style
      2. Password-Protecting Your Slideshow
    2. Working with Objects
      1. Selecting Objects
      2. Moving and Copying Objects
      3. Resizing, Rotating, and Flipping Objects
      4. Connecting Objects
      5. Styling Objects
      6. Copying and Reusing Object Styles
      7. Layering Objects
      8. Aligning Objects
      9. Grouping and Locking Objects
      10. Distributing and Aligning Objects
    3. Adding and Formatting Text Boxes
      1. Inserting Title and Body Text Boxes
      2. Inserting Free Text Boxes
      3. Editing Text in Keynote
      4. Formatting Text
    4. Inserting Photos and Other Graphics
      1. Replacing Media Placeholders
      2. Adding and Editing Pictures
      3. Managing File Sizes for Image-Heavy Slideshows
    5. Making Shapes
      1. Filling with Colors, Gradients, and Images
    6. Building Tables and Charts
    7. Adding Movies
      1. Playing Movies
      2. Managing Multimedia Files
    8. Making Noise: Sounds and Soundtracks
      1. Adding a Soundtrack
      2. Adding Sound to a Single Slide
    9. Working with Hyperlinks
      1. Linking to Slides
      2. Surfing the Web
      3. Linking to Other Slideshows
      4. Sending Email
    10. Note to Self: Add a Comment
    11. Changing Slide Backgrounds
    12. Adding Slide Numbers
  3. Animating Your Slides
    1. Adding Transitions
      1. Switching Slides with 2D and 3D Effects
      2. Adding Object Effects
      3. Wordplay with Text Effects
      4. Magic Move Transitions
      5. Old-School Transitions
    2. Adding Object Builds
      1. Creating Build Ins and Build Outs
      2. Controlling Movies and Sounds with Builds
      3. Using Smart Builds for Single-Slide Slideshows
    3. Ordering and Automating Builds
      1. Playing Builds Automatically or Simultaneously
      2. Mingling Builds of Text, Tables, Charts, and Images
    4. Adding Animations with Action Builds
      1. Moving Objects Along a Path
      2. Multiple Action Builds
    5. Copying Builds to Other Objects

Product information

  • Title: Creating Keynote Slideshows: The Mini Missing Manual
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2010
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781449382575