Creating Success from the Inside Out: Develop The Focus and Strategy To Uncover the Life You Want

Book description

Creating Success from the Inside Out shares the inspiring and motivational story of Ephren Taylor, one of the world’s youngest-ever CEOs of a publicly traded company. A millionaire by the young age of sixteen, Taylor tells you what it takes to succeed in life by following your own path and refusing to be defeated. When you ignore the voices of negativity and follow our own true passions, there are no obstacles you can't overcome.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Dedication
  3. Preface W. Emerson Brantley III
  4. Introduction Who Am I, and Why Should You Care about What I Have to Share?
    1. Why Business?
  5. A Disclaimer
    1. What Makes Someone a Success?
  6. Begin Where You Are Now
    1. Two Parents and True Commitment
    2. MeShelle
    3. A Different Story
    4. Get Off of Yourself
    5. You Can Work Harder, or You Can Work Smarterf
    6. Enjoying the Journey
  7. Taking Responsibility for Your Own Life
    1. The Black Hole of Excuses
    2. Excuse Number One: I Don't Have the Money
    3. Excuse Number Two: I Don't Have the Time
    4. Excuse Number Three: I Don't Have an Education
    5. Excuse Number Four: I Don't Have Enough Information and Knowledge
    6. Excuse Number Five: I Don't Have the Experience
    7. Excuse Number Six: I Don't Have a Car
    8. Excuse Number Seven: I'm Just Not Ready
  8. The Dark Hall of Fear
    1. The Magic Bullet: Self-Confidence
    2. Two Kinds of Fear
    3. Fear of Loss versus Hope of Gain
    4. Choosing Failure; Choosing Success
  9. Empowerment versus Victimhood
    1. Responsibility and Power versus Blame and Powerlessness
    2. Change Your Life, Break the Cycle
    3. Forgiveness Is a Key to Overcoming
    4. Get Uncomfortable and Face Your Fears
    5. Conventional Wisdom Is Almost Always Wrong
  10. Why Every Young Person Should Start a Business
    1. I Just Don't Know What I Want to Do
    2. Don't Wait until You're Old, or Even Grown Up
    3. True Success and Giving Back: What Is True Success?
    4. Socially-Conscious Investing
  11. Getting What You Need to Succeed
    1. How's Your Starter Switch?
    2. Where to Get the Information and Knowledge You Need
    3. Mentors
  12. Don't Listen to Losers, Whiners, and Naysayers—Believe in Yourself
  13. Epilogue: Dream Bigger Dreams
  14. About Ephren W. Taylor II
  15. Ephren W. Taylor II Timeline
  16. About W. Emerson Brantley III

Product information

  • Title: Creating Success from the Inside Out: Develop The Focus and Strategy To Uncover the Life You Want
  • Author(s): Ephren W. Taylor, Emerson Brantley
  • Release date: November 2007
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470177136