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Creating Teams With an Edge: The Complete Skill Set to Build Powerful and Influential Teams

Book Description

Teams can be a driving force for organizational performance--and managers can play a key role in teams' ultimate success or failure. Highlighting the latest research on team development and dynamics--and including hands-on tools for improving communication, resolving conflicts, promoting interdependence, and more--this guide helps managers at all levels to motivate teams to achieve higher performance.

Table of Contents

  1. The Harvard Business Essentials Series
  2. Other books in the series:
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. 1 - Team Concepts
    1. Why Teams?
    2. Do You Really Need a Team?
    3. Benefits and Costs
    4. Making the “Team Versus No-Team” Decision
    5. Summing Up
  8. 2 - Essentials for an Effective Team
    1. Competence
    2. A Clear, Common Goal—With Performance Metrics
    3. Commitment to a Common Goal
    4. Every Member Contributes—Every Member Benefits
    5. A Supportive Environment
    6. Alignment
    7. Summing Up
  9. 3 - Forming the Team
    1. Team Sponsor
    2. Team Leader
    3. Team Members
    4. Facilitator
    5. The Team Charter
    6. Aligning Behavior Through Rewards
    7. Summing Up
  10. 4 - Getting Off on the Right Foot
    1. Host a Launch Meeting
    2. Decide About Decisions
    3. Plan and Schedule the Work
    4. Define the Measures of Success
    5. Develop a Budget
    6. Create Integrating Mechanisms
    7. Establish Norms of Behavior
    8. Summing Up
  11. 5 - Team Management Challenges
    1. The Leader’s Role
    2. Encouraging Team Identity
    3. Guarding Against Groupthink
    4. Managing Team Creativity
    5. Managing Conflict
    6. Summing Up
  12. 6 - Operating As a Team
    1. Keeping an Eye on Team Processes
    2. Winning One Bite at a Time
    3. Supporting Team Learning
    4. Evaluating Performance
    5. Summing Up
  13. 7 - The Virtual Team
    1. Benefits and Challenges
    2. Virtual Team Technology
    3. Managing the Virtual Team
    4. Coaching the Team You Can’t See
    5. Summing Up
  14. 8 - Becoming a Team Player
    1. Be Open to New Ideas
    2. Be Open to Different Ways of Working
    3. Share What You Have
    4. Seek Alternatives
    5. Develop Working Relationships with People from Different Functions
    6. Look for Win-Win Solutions
    7. Only Join Teams Whose Goals You Value Highly
    8. Be a Reliable Teammate
    9. Be Results-Oriented
    10. Summing Up
  15. APPENDIX A - Useful Implementation Tools
  16. APPENDIX B - A Guide to Effective Coaching
  17. APPENDIX C - Team Troubleshooting Guide
  18. Notes
  19. Glossary
  20. For Further Reading
  21. Index
  22. About the Subject Adviser
  23. About the Writer
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