Appendix A. Skinning and Styling Diagrams

The following series of diagrams describe the “visual anatomy” for nearly every Flex 3 component. Properties for each component are divided between CSS styles and “skinnable” parts. The names for these properties are pulled directly from the Flex framework and can be specified inline in MXML, in an <mx:Style> block or via an external CSS file.

To learn more about using these properties to customize the look of your components, refer to Chapter 4, “Styling,” Chapter 5, “Graphical Skinning,” or Chapter 6, “Programmatic Skinning.”

Skinning and Styling Diagrams

StylesA  borderColorB  cornerRadiusC  fillColors, fillAlphasD  highlightAlphasE  themeColorG  horizontalGapH  verticalGapI  focusAlpha, focusBlendMode, focusThicknessJ  focusRoundedCornersK  iconColor, disabledIconColorL  alternatingItemColorsM  arrowButtonWidthN  dropdownBorderColorO  dropdownStyleName (See List styles/skins)P  textInputStyleName (See TextInput)Q  rollOverColor, selectionColor ...

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