9.1. Embedding a Font in a SWF File Using Flash

In this exercise, you will be using Flash to embed a font in a SWF (pronounced “swif”) to be used in Flex. Packaging a font into a SWF using Flash can be done in a few simple steps, but you’ll need Flash CS3. You can download a trial from Adobe’s site if you don’t have it already.

  1. Open Flash CS3 and create a new Flash file at the default size. Save this file as MyFont.fla.
  2. Add a Text area to your stage and set it to Dynamic Text in the Properties panel (Window > Properties > Properties). Select the font for the area, in this case Verdana. Type the name of the font into the text area as shown in Figure 9.1-1. You can type whatever you want into that text area; it is just for reference and gives ...

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