Chapter 2. Going Worldwide with GeoCities

In This Chapter

  • Using GeoCities for a personal Web page

  • Planning before you start

  • Getting registered

  • Putting the wizard to work

  • Taking the steps to success

Getting your first page up on the Web seems like a tall order. So you may not believe just how easy it is to get started. With the free GeoCities Web‐based publishing services we describe in this chapter, you can have your first Web page up within a couple of hours — at no cost. (No cost to you, that is — your users have to suffer through advertising that the site host puts on each page.) You don't have to figure out everything about HTML, you don't have to deal with typical publishing complexities, and did we mention that you don't have to pay anything?

If you're a Google fan, you may want to try Google Page Creator (Chapter 3), a new and promising service. And if you're a member of America Online (AOL), or like to use the Web site, you can use free AOL Web publishing tools to get a Web page up quickly and easily, as we describe in Chapter 4.

If not, though, you have an alternative that's as good as anything out there: Yahoo!'s GeoCities site. GeoCities is the most popular site for free personal Web page publishing and has offered this service for many years. Since its inception, GeoCities has hosted the creation of well over 5,000,000 — yes, that's 5 million — personal Web page sites, with thousands of new sites added each day. With Yahoo! having acquired GeoCities, it has the resources ...

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