Chapter 7. Building a Product Page with eBay

In This Chapter

  • Getting to know eBay basics

  • Selling fees

  • Posting your first item

  • Registering as a seller

  • Experiencing sales success

eBay is a fantastic success. One of the best‐known and most valuable companies on the Web, it has grown, over the years, from strength to strength. The number of buyers, sellers, and countries with eBay sites has grown sharply. eBay has even acquired “brick and mortar” businesses like auction houses.

Yet many people resist eBay's lure. eBay users tend to fall into two categories: a core of heavy eBay users and a penumbra of occasional users. Yet many millions never have used eBay — and perhaps never will. eBay is looking hard for ways to expand its influence even further.

But as a place to start a career in Web publishing, eBay is wonderful. Creating a simple site to sell an item is very simple, and the joyful experience of actually making money online encourages you to do much more on eBay — or to do anything else you want to do on the Web.

In this chapter, we provide the briefest possible introduction to eBay, with the emphasis on the part that relates to the theme of this book, creating the product page, and to an easy, successful first selling experience. You can do much more on eBay than we present here, but our goal is to give you that initial thrill of success as quickly and easily as possible.

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