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Appendix A
Authors Response to Reactions to
Discovery News
My conscious robot was introduced on Discovery.com, a Web version
of science television program Discovery Channel, the United Stated,
on December 21, 2005.
Tracy Staedter, Discovery News, reported the piece entitled
“Robot Demonstrates Self Awareness. (http://www.rs.cs.meiji.ac.
Subsequent mentions on the Internet in various languages
followed the appearance of the article all over the world, peaking
two or three weeks after the article was first published. Four months
later, on April 27, 2006, the article ranked second on the list of
Google search results with the keywords “self aware. The total
number of hits was 132,000,000. At the top of the list was the link
to “self-awareness” on Wikipedia, the famous Web encyclopedia. My
article was also referred to in the Wikipedia article with a link, so
that the article on Discovery News about my robot was actually the
first on the list of the search results as of April 27, 2006. The number
of viewer comments on the article during this period was 29, as
I have confirmed, including those on AboveTopSecret, Engadget,
Stardestroyer, and Zoomby. The total number of words written in
those comments was 69,272 at that time. Even now, new comments
are being added in forums.
Most are negative comments, although there are some positive
ones. I am very impressed with these reactions and have felt the
June 12, 2012 16:42 PSP Book - 9in x 6in 14-Junichi-Takeno-c14
242 Appendix A: Authors Response to Reactions to Discovery News
need to respond to the opinions. I would like to take this opportunity
of publishing this book and answer some key questions here.
(C1) “See Terminator 2 (Richardlawrencecohen, Chronicles.
Search for Sarah Connor (Nighty, Therawfeed)
Development of Skynet (Digg.com)
Revolution of sex industry (Forums.overclockers)
Pioneer of robot prostitution (Dvorak)
(A1) Many people who saw the movie Terminator 2 are afraid
of my consciousness system because it could be used to
build self-aware computer systems such as Skynet, and its
machines could wage a war against humans. Of course I
have no intention to create Skynet. On the contrary, we
could possibly deprive Skynet of its power by constructing a
consciousness system in such a way as to produce machines
and robots that are amicable to and useful for humans.
“becomes aware of its capability, but in that a large number
of killing machines obey the merciless order of Skynet
with utmost accuracy. Whether Skynet becomes self-aware
or not, people are afraid of a central control system that
would command invincible and violent machinery. If all
machines and robots are taught to be conscious of humans
positively, they would disobey Skynet’s order to annihilate
humankind and nullify its power. In the movie, Skynet
becomes aware of its mighty power all of a sudden. This is
an “emergent” phenomenon, i.e., the capability is acquired
by itself in the process of its evolution. We cannot fathom
how dreadful it is if an unknown consciousness mechanism
were to suddenly emerge and wield power over us. Even if
humans were allowed to study the mechanism of Skynet,
they might never be able to identify the mechanism by
which Skynet suddenly became self-aware. To overcome this
fear, we need to urgently research human consciousness
using our human wisdom. I also know that hazards always
accompany technological development. For example, knives
are a convenient utensil to process food, but they can be

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