Creative Cloud 2014 Update: New Features

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Master the latest 2014 features of Adobe Creative Cloud on your terms with this one-of-a-kind video training course. In this video training course, you'll get up to speed quickly on the newest Adobe Creative Cloud features announced in June 2014. Our instructors provide expert, straight-forward, user-friendly training to help you learn the latest performance enhancements, workflow efficiencies, and new features found in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, and Dreamweaver CC. Check out the new Perspective Warp in Photoshop. Understand the pencil tool updates in Illustrator. Learn how the ePub enhancements in InDesign will help you make digital books with ease. Understand the changes to the Fluid Grid Layout in Dreamweaver CC to accommodate editing features in Live View. If you're looking for real-world instruction on the latest Adobe Creative Cloud features, you'll find it here. Lesson files for this course can be found here

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Table of contents

  1. Lesson 1
    1. 3D Imaging in Photoshop CC 00:04:50
    2. Linked Smart Objects in Photoshop CC 00:03:52
    3. Perspective Warp in Photoshop CC 00:03:57
    4. Camera Raw Changes 00:04:43
    5. Share on Behance Now with More Languages 00:04:21
    6. Stability Improvements to the Photoshop Generator 00:03:07
    7. Improved Selection of Shapes Using the Direct Selection Tool 00:03:20
    8. Unlocking Background Layers 00:03:14
    9. Setting a Custom Background Color in the New Document Dialog 00:03:21
    10. Negative Number Support While Making Curves Adjustments 00:03:15
    11. Displaying Recent Colors in the Swatches Panel 00:03:01
    12. Clear All Option for the Color Sampler Tool 00:03:11
    13. Changing All Color Samplers in the Info Panel At the Same Time 00:02:23
    14. Improved Mercury Graphics Engine for Faster Processing 00:03:35
    15. Enhanced Scripted Patterns and Fills 00:04:26
    16. Exporting Padding Using Layer Masks in Photoshop Generator 00:04:18
    17. Using the Narrow Options Bar for Small Displays 00:03:14
  2. Lesson 2
    1. Live Corners in Illustrator CC 00:04:25
    2. Typekit Fonts 00:04:28
    3. Pencil Tool Changes 00:02:47
    4. Reshape Path Segments 00:02:45
  3. Lesson 3
    1. ePub Enhancements in InDesign CC 00:03:28
    2. Typekit Fonts 00:03:11
    3. Hyperlink Creation Changes 00:06:07
    4. Cross-Reference Changes 00:03:19
    5. Preflight Profiles 00:04:14
  4. Lesson 4
    1. Inserting HTML5 Video and Audio 00:06:20
    2. Inserting HTML5 Semantic Elements from the Insert Panel 00:01:59
    3. Importing Adobe Edge Animate Compositions 00:04:02
    4. Support for HTML5 Canvas 00:05:41
    5. Enhancements to HTML5 Support for Form Elements 00:03:33
    6. Live Search (Mac OS) 00:03:21
    7. Edge Web Fonts Integration 00:05:38
    8. Fluid Grid Layout Enhancements 00:02:37
    9. New HTML5 Form Input Types 00:02:22
    10. New Form Elements for JQuery Mobile 00:03:20
    11. Enhancements to Edge Animate Workflow 00:05:18
    12. Updates to PhoneGap Workflow 00:04:26

Product information

  • Title: Creative Cloud 2014 Update: New Features
  • Author(s): Wiley
  • Release date: April 2014
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118945766