7 Strengthen the Story

In 1949, my father came to LiverpoolSeeking full employment on the Mersey docksThe war just four years overAnd no work for him in IrelandAll he asked from England was a steady jobIt’s true that there were jobs, but it was only daily laborSome mornings he was hired for the working crewSometimes a week went byWith hands deep in empty pocketsAdversity and poverty were all he knew

So my father and his comradesSet out to march to LondonTo ask the King for justice for the working classTo tell him those who’d fought the warHad died for more than EnglandAnd with the peace should come a steady job at lastThe day they started marchingI stood beside my fatherI thought he was the bravest man I’d ever seenHe knelt down unexpectedly ...

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