h e a t h e r s m i t h j o n e s
Making connectionS
Heather Smith Jones has had many
gifted and influential teachers
throughout her life—people who have
pushed her to excel by lending both their
knowledge and their support. Although
their areas of expertise may have varied,
their approaches to teaching share
common threads. “ere have been a
number of teachers whom I consider to
be outstanding and they all have similar
characteristics,” says Heather. “ey
connect individually with their students,
and encourage and challenge them to
reach beyond their comfort zone.
SurpriSeS &
rough art forms including drawing,
painting, print-making, and a pin-pricking
method that she calls “pinhole,” Heather creates
dynamic mixed-media pieces that are both
thought-provoking and beautiful. She uses
her art as a means of exploration—examining
the relationships that exist between patterns,
textures, words, and imagery when layered onto
each other. “I enjoy the element of surprise in
making art, and the sense of discovery through
the act of creating,” she says.
Heathers work with students of the Arts-Based
Preschool at e Lawrence Arts Center in
Lawrence, Kansas is also full of surprises and
discoveries. One of the things that she loves
most about teaching her young students is their
excitement about “the process of making.Says
Heather: “ey arrive each day eager to work.
And they are often surprised and amazed by
what they make, because when they immerse
themselves in the creative process they don’t
always know where it will lead.
w w w . h e a t h e r s m i t h j o n e s . c o m
“Discovery consists of looking at
the same thing as everyone else
and thinking something different.”
—Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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