s t e p h a n i e j o n e s r u b i a n o
Finding direction
At a two-day workshop titled “Precious
Little,” Stephanie Jones Rubiano met
teacher and artist Keith Lobue. His style
of teaching so impacted her that he not
only informed the way that she leads a
class, but also changed the way that she
makes art. “Keith is a natural teacher,
and as a student you feel that he is giving
you every little bit of information he has,
without holding anything back,” she says.
“He’s extremely approachable, and takes
the time to work with each student so
you feel that you are getting the direction
you need to complete your project.”
Laughter &
Stephanie is an avid collector of vintage
photographs, as she finds the clothing,
the settings, and the expressions in them
to be a great source of inspiration for
her art. Along with antique tins, text
pages from old books, and authentic
butterfly wings, these black-and-white
images serve as the centerpieces of her
captivating, shadow box-like artwork. But her
style is far from “serious,” with artwork titles
including “You Compleat Me,” “Darn It All,” and
“Ironical. Says Stephanie: “Laughter is a big
part of my creative process, and I enjoy making
it a part of my workshops too.
In Stephanies eyes, the best part about
teaching is seeing the way that a single idea is
interpreted by a room full of creative minds. “I
am always amazed at what my students come
up with,” she says. “e classroom is a place of
sharing on so many levels, and I think we all
take away more than we arrived with.
w w w . s o i g a t h e r e d . t y p e p a d . c o m
“How old would you be if you didn’t
know how old you were?.”
—Satchel Paige

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