Isn't creativity dangerous?


A failed product launch is not necessarily a bad thing. Doing something new has, for example, positive learning effects on business innovation. All new enterprises involve risk-taking, but we can be absolutely sure that the disadvantages of creativity will never outweigh the advantages.

So far, we have discussed the positive effects of creativity – increased efficiency in launching products, escape from rigid markets and market ceilings, and also as the basis of happiness, with advantages for the individual, the company and society. However, are there no negative effects of creativity? Keeping in mind our discussion of happiness, it is tempting to think of the oft-cited connection between creativity and madness. Famous creative people have had a tendency to cut off their ears, commit suicide or become hermits. But belief that the one must lead to the other is as false as the expression ‘no smoke without fire’ (if you have been to a rock concert you have presumably experienced proof of the exact opposite in the form of dry ice). History has certainly seen a very limited number of creative people cut their ears off, commit suicide or become hermits, but the majority (who did not) have not been interesting enough to remember. Let us instead take a closer look at the dangers of creativity in the sphere of business.

Does the company lose definition or ...

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