There's no such thing as ‘useless’ knowledge


These three central areas of knowledge will assist you in finding promising combinations – demographic trends, economics and business, and human behaviour, drives and motivation. But to be successful, you need to challenge yourself and your business continuously, think creatively and innovatively, and keep learning more all the time.

In this book's initial test of your potential to become a successful business innovator, we asked three questions aimed at measuring some essential knowledge for you to become creative, innovative and successful.

Firstly, you need to be knowledgeable about people's behaviour, their motivations and drives, because all business begins and ends with people and how they are likely to respond to what is being offered to them. In the encounter with the consumer, whether you are selling a car or a bag of sweets, it's obvious to most people that you need to understand what people want to enable you to use the right arguments – to offer them cars (or bags of sweets or whatever) that they can't resist.

The same applies to business-to-business and in relation to other players or stakeholders. For example, whether you are selling components for cars or ingredients to make sweets, you are much more likely to succeed if you: (1) understand your customer's business, that is, how your customer in turn will be able to ...

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