Chapter 18

Safeguarding Your Credit with a Spending Plan

In This Chapter

arrow Recognizing the importance of a spending plan

arrow Setting and prioritizing your financial goals

arrow Taking simple steps to create a workable plan

arrow Tapping into some financial resources

arrow Making adjustments to your plan as you age

Imagine that you’re competing in the Olympics. The other athletes entered in your event have trainers and training plans to keep them focused and on track. You’d be at a severe disadvantage if you just made up your training as you went along instead of following a comprehensive plan that builds on a series of steps, each of which makes your workout more effective. Well, consider this book your trainer and this chapter a training regimen to help you develop spending and savings plan muscles for financial success.

So what does a spending plan have to do with credit? Everything! Your credit is a financial reflection of your life. If your life is out of control, chances are your finances are, too, ...

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