Appendix E Glossary

The following are selected nontechnical definitions of terms from DHS documents such as the Risk Steering Committee's DHS Risk Lexicon of September 2008:

Accidental hazard
source of harm or difficulty created by negligence, error, or unintended failure
individual, group, organization, or government that conducts or has the intent to conduct detrimental activities
person, structure, facility, information, material, or process that has value
Attack method
manner and means, including the weapon and delivery method, an adversary may use to cause harm on a target
means to accomplish a mission, function, or objective
effect of an event, incident, or occurrence
Consequence assessment
process of identifying or evaluating the potential or actual effects of an event, incident, or occurrence
action, measure, or device that reduces an identified risk
measure that discourages an action or prevents an occurrence by instilling fear, doubt, or anxiety
Economic consequence
effect of an incident, event, or occurrence on the value of property or on the production, trade, distribution, or use of income, wealth, or commodities
natural or man-made source or cause of harm or difficulty
Human consequence
effect of an incident, event, or occurrence that results in injury, illness, or loss of life
occurrence, caused by either human action or natural phenomena, that may cause harm and that may require action
Integrated ...

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