Critiqued: Inside the Minds of 23 Leaders in Design

Book description


Critiqued takes you on a journey with designer Christina Beard through an iterative design experiment. With her poster in tow, she meets with leading designers, writers, and curators. At each stop, the participant critiques the poster and talks about his or her own design process. Based on their conversation, Christina redesigns the poster before heading to the next critique — a process similar to the children’s game telephone.

This book is not about learning new software or being told how to do something — it’s about exploring and discovering an approach to design that works for you.

The experiment is presented as part memoir and part interview and gives readers insight into each designer’s process and personality. Each chapter features a design prompt for readers to explore 23 distinct approaches in design and to compare multiple perspectives.

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Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication Page
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Introduction
  8. The Experiment
    1. Ellen Lupton
      1. Ellen Lupton On Design and Language
    2. Paul Sahre
      1. Paul Sahre On Design and the World Around You
    3. Alice Twemlow
      1. Alice Twemlow On Writing and Design
    4. Jessica Helfand
      1. Jessica Helfand On the Human Touch and Expanding the Field
    5. Maira Kalman
      1. Maira Kalman On Design and Instinct
    6. Axel Wieder
      1. Axel Wieder On Design, Trust, and Collaboration
    7. Michael Bierut
      1. Michael Bierut On Empathetic Design
    8. Rick Valicenti
      1. Rick Valicenti On Collaboration and Making
    9. Jennifer Morla
      1. Jennifer Morla On Design and Mistakes
    10. Michael Vanderbyl
      1. Michael Vanderbyl On Letting a Problem Solve Itself
    11. Jason Munn
      1. Jason Munn On Finding His Voice
    12. Stefan Sagmeister
      1. Stefan Sagmeister On Design and Spontaneity
    13. Rodrigo Corral
      1. Rodrigo Corral On Design and Optimism
    14. Deanne Cheuk
      1. Deanne Cheuk On Feminine Design
    15. MGMT
      1. Sarah Gephart of MGMT on Intelligent Design
    16. Steven Heller
      1. Steven Heller On Calling On People Who Are Better Than You
    17. Mieke Gerritzen
      1. Mieke Gerritzen On Making Reflective Work
    18. Vanessa Van Dam
      1. Vanessa Van Dam On Thinking and Designing
    19. Luna Maurer
      1. Luna Maurer On Embracing Your Audience
    20. Experimental Jetset
      1. Experimental Jetset On the Design Object and Believing in Your Own Future
    21. Paula Scher
      1. Paula Scher On Designing for People
    22. Keetra Dean Dixon
      1. Keetra Dean Dixon On Process and Surprise
    23. Debbie Millman
      1. Debbie Millman On Constantly Evolving Her Approach
    24. Ellen Lupton Final Redesign
    25. Final Poster Redesign
      1. The Experiment
  9. The Analysis
    1. Likes, Dislikes, and New Ideas
      1. The Design Process
      2. Schools of Thought
    2. Design Can Change Behavior: A Workshop
      1. The Workshop
      2. The Stages
  10. Index

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  • Title: Critiqued: Inside the Minds of 23 Leaders in Design
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2013
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780133260663