Chapter 6

Defining Process and Your Data Model


check Assessing how your business works and talking to influencers in your company

check Translating business process to CRM

check Customizing record fields

check Ranking your leads and clients

Every organization is unique, and setting up Complete CRM is different for every business. Figuring out how your company operates can be a tricky thing sometimes. Even the word “process” has different meanings to different people.

When it comes to CRM and managing your business, understanding and defining process is about triggers and actions. Someone does something, which then causes something else to happen. Process isn’t always about formalized procedures. Some business processes are informal, not written anywhere. Effectively implementing CRM requires you to get in your employees’ minds and find out what really happens every day.

In this chapter, you discover how to set up your CRM around process that matches the way you do business. You first set up your data model, which captures the information you need about your leads, clients, vendors, and their ...

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