Chapter 9

Capturing Leads with Other Methods


check Offering chat hours through your website

check Connecting through smartphones, whether text or live conversations

check Connecting through social media platforms

check Meeting leads in person

check Bringing in leads automatically from other platforms

Many people think of online lead capture as something that can only occur through your website. The world of Complete CRM is bigger than that, and after you embrace a holistic view of your buyer journeys, opportunities are in places you never thought possible.

This chapter details different methods of finding and engaging with leads. Online chat, text message, phone, in-person meetings, and other third-party integrations are all ways your organization can bring in business. Your CRM facilitates and tracks all your lead generation strategies and tactics, and a Complete CRM stores all that data in one convenient place. With the tools I outline in this chapter, you see how a CRM can turn leads into customers, ...

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