December 18, 2014 14:53 K24618 K24618˙Book
This book focuses on a semiotic approach in product, service, and system design, and
emphasizes the semiotic and linguistic aspects in human-computer interaction (HCI)
and user experience (UX). This work provides scientific information on the theo-
retical and practical areas of the interaction and communication design for research
experts and industry practitioners from multidisciplinary backgrounds, including in-
dustrial designers, ethnographers, human-computer interaction researchers, human
factors/usability engineers, UX/interaction designers, mobile product designers, and
vehicle system designers. This book is organized into two parts, which focus on the
following subjects:
I: Semiotics of Interaction
II: Culture of Interaction
Part I covers the theoretical background of HCI semiotics with emphasis on the
interaction elements present in the user interface, the methodology to work with them
to achieve useful insights both for design and evaluation, and the results we can obtain
compared to traditional UX methods. Moreover, it focuses on the persuasive elements
of HCI, and discusses various approaches for design and evaluation of interactive
systems. Finally, it presents a case study showing the application of semiotic analysis
to a complex set of user interfaces. Part II draws from the above theoretical approach,
and applies it to a cross-cultural study presenting a semiotic method for design and
evaluation in a different cultural background, and discusses the resulting insights,
which are then structured as guidelines for HCI/UX design for Chinese users.
This book presents a novel approach to cross-cultural HCI/UX, covers the latest
research in the field, and brings a set of tools and methods to benefit the design process
by taking a semiotic perspective. I hope this book is helpful for the researchers and
practitioners in developing more usable, useful, and appealing products, services, and
Jan Brejcha
Prague, June 2014
December 18, 2014 14:53 K24618 K24618˙Book

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