1.3.1 Multiple Booting
In a multiple booting setup, two or more operating systems coexist on
the same machine. More accurately, each operating system is installed
on a different hard disk partition on the same machine, and only one
operating system is selected by the user at power-on to use for a sin-
gle session. This book focuses on dual-booting a machine with
Windows and Linux installed; that is, Windows XP or Windows Vista,
and Linux (Ubuntu). This step-by-step guide further assumes that the
computer to configure for multiple booting begins with a clean hard
drive (i.e., no operating system is installed), and that the user has a
bootable CD/DVD or bootable USB version of both Windows (XP or
Vista) and Ubuntu. For instructions on how to clear a computer (how
to format a hard disk), please consult the following sidebar.
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Chapter 1
Figure 1-19: Virtualization
Formatting Hard Disks
Starting with a blank machine — an empty hard disk — means
clearing out existing data, and this occurs through formatting.
Before formatting, however, readers are advised that all data exist-
ing on the hard disk before formatting may be irretrievably lost.For
this reason, it is highly recommended that all data is archived and
backed up to a safe storage device. For example, data can be burned
to a CD/DVD or copied to a USB stick.
The format process removes all data from a hard disk, leaving it
blank and fresh to receive new operating systems and information.
To perform the format process, the freely available and bootable
Darik’s Boot and Nuke application can be used. Small enough to fit
on an old 1.44 MB floppy disk, Darik’s Boot and Nuke is one among
many applications designed especially for formatting disks, and can
be downloaded from http://dban.sourceforge.net/ as either an EXE
file or an ISO image burnable straight to CD/DVD. (See Section for more details on burning an ISO file.)
Boot the computer with this CD/DVD (in other words, start the
computer with this CD inserted into the drive) and follow the
on-screen instructions. At the command prompt of Boot and Nuke,
users can enter the autonuke command to format all writeable disks
attached to the computer.
18 Chapter 1 / Cross-Platform Games
Figure 1-20: Boot and

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