Chapter 12. L


In Windows: None

On the Macintosh, you can label icons with a color or text label as a quick and easy means of categorization. There’s no equivalent in Windows.

Launcher Control Panel

In Windows: None

The Mac’s Launcher control panel creates a Desktop window that stores the icons of frequently used files, folders, disks, and servers. A single click on one of these buttons opens the corresponding icon, saving you the effort of burrowing through your nested folders to find the original item. The Launcher can have multiple “pages” filled with icons in particular categories.

Windows has no precise equivalent. However, you can easily create a toolbar that’s loaded up with icons to which you’d like easy access. For more information on creating toolbars, see “Toolbars in Windows 98” in Application Menu.

List Views

In Windows: List Views

When you’re examining your files and folders in a Desktop window, the Macintosh and Windows both offer a list view—a compact display of a window’s contents. (The alternative Icon view is better suited for windows containing only a few files or folders.)

However, you, the experienced Macintosh user, may be alarmed at first to discover that the Windows list view arranges your icons in multiple columns, forcing you to scroll both vertically and horizontally to get through the list. You’ll probably feel much more at home with the view Windows calls Details view, which is almost exactly like the Mac’s list view. (Choose View → Details View in any ...

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