Chapter 25. A

About This Program

On the Macintosh: About This Program

In Windows, when you want to find out more information about the current program, you’re probably used to looking for the About This Program command at the bottom of the Help menu. When using a Macintosh, though, look at the first item in the Apple menu in the upper left of the screen—it’s always About for the current application.

When you’re in the Finder (click the Desktop to be sure), that command is About This Computer; it provides information about your version of the Mac OS, the memory configuration of your Macintosh, and information about whatever programs you’re running at the moment (see Figure 25-1).

Accessibility Options

On the Macintosh: CloseView

The Accessibility Options control panel in Windows is designed to make using the PC easier if you’re disabled. Its features include:

Keyboard tab, Mouse tab. Features like Sticky Keys and Filter Keys can make using the keyboard easier if you can only type with one hand. For example, you can configure Windows so that a modifier key like Ctrl can be pressed before its accompanying keystroke, instead of simultaneously.

About This Computer dialog box
Figure 25-1. About This Computer dialog box

The Mouse tab contains options that let you move the cursor by pressing the keys on the numeric keypad.

The equivalent features on the Macintosh are in the CloseView control panel. This software isn’t a part of ...

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