Chapter 40. P

Page Setup

On the Macintosh: Page Setup

As in Windows, the Page Setup command is available in almost every program’s File menu. It offers a dialog box where you can specify page size, margins, and other program-specific options related to printing (see Figure 40-1).

Most people use the Page Setup dialog box to choose a paper size, orientation, and scaling percentage. You can also change a number of PostScript settings in the PostScript Options panel, accessible by choosing PostScript Options from the pop-up menu. Generally the defaults work fine.

Page Setup dialog box
Figure 40-1. Page Setup dialog box


On the Macintosh: PageMaker

If you’ve become accustomed to using PageMaker under Windows, you should have little trouble switching over to PageMaker on the Macintosh. Moving files between platforms may be more complicated, most often because the fonts may not be identical on the two platforms.

Keep in mind that your Macintosh version of PageMaker can open documents created by the same-numbered Windows PageMaker version, but can’t open older (or newer) Windows PageMaker documents.

For more information about PageMaker and its successor, InDesign, visit


On the Macintosh: None

Long ago, the Macintosh shipped with MacWrite and MacPaint, but Apple soon removed them from the package to encourage third-party developers to create better word processors and painting programs. ...

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