Chapter 6

Focusing on Your People: Building Your Crowd and Your Team

In This Chapter

arrow Coaxing the right crowd into your corner

arrow Preparing to give the crowd what it needs

arrow Searching for the right talent to join your team

Much of this book focuses on figuring out what you want to accomplish through a crowdfund investing venture and how to accomplish it. This chapter is all about the who.

Two whos (forgive us, Dr. Seuss) are especially important to your success: your crowd of investors and your talent team. In this chapter, we help you envision the members of your crowd and prepare yourself for winning their support. We then turn our attention toward attracting talent to your team — volunteers, paid staff members, or both — so you know your ideas are being expertly executed even when you’re otherwise occupied.

Picturing Your Crowd

In Chapter 5, you find out how to construct a business model that incorporates crowdfund investing. Outside of crafting your business model (which must be rock solid if you want to succeed), assembling your crowd is your number-one priority.

remember.eps The people who choose ...

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