Chapter 10

Troubleshooting Campaign Problems

In This Chapter

arrow Keeping your intellectual property secure

arrow Following the letter and spirit of the SEC regulations

arrow Dusting yourself off after a failed campaign

arrow Using common sense to avoid other issues

Raising money for your business is a full-time job. Building a crowdfund investing pitch (the focus of Chapter 9) takes a lot of time and energy, and going live with it means having major interaction with potential investors until you hit your funding target. At every step — before, during, and after reaching your target — you must follow SEC compliance rules (which we discuss on this book’s website,

When you set out to raise money via crowdfund investing, you should expect to encounter some bumps in the road. This chapter helps you identify some of the most common bumps before you hit them and helps you maneuver around them whenever possible. In the case of the seemingly worst bump of all — the failure to meet your funding target — we offer advice for picking yourself up and maintaining momentum even ...

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