Chapter 21

Ten Crowdfunding Cases

In This Chapter

arrow Growing a small business with crowd support

arrow Getting a brand-new venture off the ground via crowd investment

Crowdfunding and crowdfund investing aren’t the same thing (see Chapter 2 if you need clarification on that point), but donation- or perks-based crowdfunding provided the proof of concept necessary to get crowdfund investing off the ground. The ten stories in this chapter demonstrate how powerful a crowd can be by illustrating what can be done when a good idea meets up with hard work and widespread financial investment.

We believe that, thanks to crowdfund investing opportunities, more people will support great ideas because now you can own a piece of a business and feel connected to the results of the business because you become a brand ambassador for that business. Keep this fact in mind when you review the pitches that follow. Ask yourself, “Could this have been a company I would’ve invested in?”

Dessert Truck, Inc.

If you live in New York City, you’ve probably heard of Dessert Truck. This food truck has a passionate following and is famous for its chocolate bread pudding, Nutella brioche donuts, and crème brûlée. When you start winning awards from food truck reviewer Vendy, appear on the Food Network, and are featured ...

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