Chapter 22

Ten Stories That Inspire

In This Chapter

arrow Funding great ideas in nontraditional ways

arrow Growing hope and inspiration via crowdfunding

When you take actions that combine the mind and the heart, wonderful things can happen. This is why we put these ten stories in the book. They’re meant to inspire you. They show you how people are willing to part with their hard-earned dollars, without expecting a return, when they believe in someone else’s idea. What we’ll see when crowdfund investing is in full gear is thousands of such heart-warming ideas that will launch businesses, and the crowd will invest not only because there’s a chance for a return but because they feel good about the idea.


Consumer-related products are historically hard to fund. Such was the case with Ubooly (pronounced oo-boo-ley). The website describes Ubooly as a cuddly orange marsupial that loves to go on adventures and a voice interactive toy powered by your iPhone or iPod Touch. Ubooly is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Carly Gloge and Isaac Squires, founders of design agency Warb.

The company, based in Boulder, Colorado (an example of great ideas that reside in areas that are considered “good for capital” but “hard to access”), first tried its hand in the venture capital world. ...

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