Chapter 4

Joining the Crowdforce

In This Chapter

arrow Working out whether crowdwork is for you

arrow Deciding which type of crowdsourcing you want to do

arrow Joining a crowdmarket

arrow Considering mistakes and intellectual property

arrow Bidding successfully for microtasks

arrow Doing the job and getting feedback

All the crowdsourcing websites out there encourage visitors to join the crowd. ‘Click here to become a worker!’ they say. ‘Find a job here!’ ‘Learn about our opportunities!’ ‘Become part of the workplace of the future!’ These invitations are so enticing, but they don’t always tell you what you need to know about being a crowdworker.

You may become a crowdworker for many different reasons, and you can find many different kinds of careers as a crowdworker. Some are full-time careers that will support you and your family; others are part-time jobs that will supplement your income or allow you to develop your ...

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