Part II

Looking at the Different Forms of Crowdsourcing

Five Distinct Ways to Go Crowdsourcing

checkCrowdcontests: Keep a job as an undivided, single task and give the job to a single person to complete. Because you rely heavily on that single person, you want the best possible person to do the work. Let the crowd compete for your job by asking crowd members to submit their best work. Choose the best submission and reward the person who did it.

check Macrotasks: Divide a job into large pieces that each require specific, specialist skills. Give each of these large pieces to a crowd member who has that specific skill. Manage the process as you go, and pay the workers.

checkMicrotasks: Divide up your job into small, straightforward tasks to engage more of the crowd and get your job done more quickly. Judge each submission and accept those that are properly done, without having to first review the abilities of potential workers or interview them, then pay the crowd members who work for you.

check Self-organised crowdsourcing: Let the crowd decide how to divide a job. Offer a reward for the person or group ...

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