Part IV

Getting All You Can Get from the Crowd


pt_webextra_bw.TIF Crowdsourcing is a great way to engage with and get something back from the online community. Check out for some suggestions of ways you can gather creative ideas through crowdsourcing.

In this part . . .

check.png Expand the possibilities of what you can achieve through microtasking by employing workflow. Get microtasking to do things that you might not have thought were possible.

check.png Deploy crowdsourcing across a wide area and arrange it at short notice so that you can gather, organise and interpret information from the crowd to monitor significant events.

check.png Embrace innovation crowdsourcing and stay energised with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

check.png Start to think of your organisation in a different way and plan to bring exciting new talent into your organisation through crowdsourcing.

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