Chapter 20

Following the Future of Crowdsourcing: Ten (Or So) Websites to Watch

In This Chapter

arrow Checking out the sites that crowdsourcers follow

arrow Going global

arrow Following the progress of crowdsourcing

arrow Building new platforms

As soon as you become a crowdsourcer, you might start to wonder how crowdsourcing itself is developing and where it’s heading. You might find yourself asking how you can keep track of trends and stay ahead of the field. Who knows – you might even decide to crowdsource your dilemma. You could go to your favourite microtasking site and post a task: ‘Tell me the latest trend in crowdsourcing’ and offer $1.41 (£1) for the answer. When you get the answer, though, you’re likely to be disappointed. You’ve not created a clear statement of work with concrete instructions (see Chapter 11), so you’re likely to get an arbitrary opinion from someone in the crowd. An arbitrary opinion’s an arbitrary opinion, no matter who holds it. It may be right. It may be wrong. You can’t tell.

Rather than you creating a well-crafted crowdsourcing job to tell you about the future (which is ...

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