Chapter 22

Ten Success Stories

In This Chapter

arrow Getting expert help with mobile app development

arrow Creating a video campaign to boost a brand

arrow Using the crowd to further medical research

arrow Finding financing for a start-up with crowdfunding

When you start crowdsourcing, make a start by looking around at other people’s successes – projects that worked well, by one measure or another. Every success story can teach you a little lesson about crowdsourcing that you may not be able to learn any other way.

In this chapter, I serve up ten varied stories of crowdsourcing projects. Some of these projects started a new business; many of them helped individuals do something that they couldn’t have done by themselves. All are examples of how crowdsourcing has worked successfully.

Creating the SXSW Festival T-shirt

More than any other form of crowdsourcing, crowdcontests show you what the crowd’s thinking. You discover ideas that the crowd thinks are cool, interesting and intriguing. Because of this, many art festivals use crowdcontests to design their advertisements.

The SXSW festival, a major arts ...

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