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CryENGINE SDK Game Programming Essentials

Video Description

Elevate your game programming skills to the next level with CryENGINE

About This Video

  • Create advanced AI behavior in Flowgraph

  • Create your own Flowgraph node in C++

  • Get your hands dirty writing some game logic using C++ and Lua

  • In Detail

    CryENGINE is a complete game development solution that can run on multiple platforms. Its aim is to give intuitive tools to the developer, and it is one of the most beginner-friendly engines out there. It comes with a fully featured audio offering, AI and game scripting by Lua or the graphical Flowgraph system, an integrated physics engine, and a full suite of performance analysis tools. The ‘What you see is what you play’ Sandbox editor is the best feature of using this engine for game programming and it allows anyone, developer or not, to get in there and create something cool and unique.

    This video course provides you with hands-on exercises that walk you through programming with CRYENGINE using C++ and Lua. Everything is presented with visual learners in mind, so you not only see what is happening on screen but also participate in creating your own code through step-by-step instructions.

    In this video course, we start out by getting ready for the CryENGINE code by setting up our Visual Studio. Next we learn the correlation between editor-spawned entities and those spawned through C++. We then set out to create our very own entity in C++, in particular, a Proximity Mine entity. Further on, we will add Lua functionality to our newly created entity.

    Further into the course, we turn our attention to the Flowgraph editor where we create some advanced AI behaviors and then proceed to test them out. Lastly, we will create our very own “Mine Listener” Flowgraph node that will be used to listen for mines being placed by a target entity.

    CRYENGINE Game Programming Essentials is an amazing and exciting video course that will capture the interest of all aspiring game programmers. The activities you perform in this course are fun, practical, and tackle real-word game programming problems with ease. This video course will help you greatly in your endeavors to become a game programmer.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1: Setting Up Microsoft Visual Studio C++
      1. Setting Up the Solution 00:02:58
      2. Setting Up Include, Library, and Debug Directories 00:02:11
      3. Compiling CryENGINE 00:02:34
    2. Chapter 2: Overview of CryENGINE Entities
      1. Spawning Entities in the Editor 00:03:47
      2. Changing the Entity Properties 00:04:38
      3. A Look at the C++ Side 00:03:54
    3. Chapter 3: Entity System from a C++/Programming Perspective
      1. The Entity System Overview 00:03:05
      2. The SpawnEntity and RemoveEntity Functions 00:04:54
      3. Entity Events and Their Importance 00:04:12
    4. Creating a Custom C++ Entity from Scratch – Part I
      1. Creating a New Class 00:03:51
      2. Learning What the Functions Do 00:05:50
      3. Filling in the Default Code 00:05:36
    5. Chapter 5: Creating a Custom C++ Entity from Scratch – Part II
      1. Registering Our ProximityMine 00:03:12
      2. Loading a 3D Model 00:03:22
      3. Kill Entities in a Radius Part 1 (Proximity Check) 00:04:08
      4. Kill Entities in a Radius Part 2 (Physics Impulse) 00:05:35
      5. Kill Entities in a Radius Part 3 (Damage AI) 00:05:29
    6. Chapter 6: Creating a Custom C++ Entity from Scratch – Part III
      1. Spawning through the Code Part 1 00:04:27
      2. Spawning through the Code Part 2 00:03:57
      3. Getting Accurate Placement Using Physics 00:07:04
      4. Spawning through the Editor 00:02:48
    7. Chapter 7: Creating a Custom Lua Script for Our Entity
      1. Creating the Lua Entity Script 00:03:01
      2. Accessing Our Entity Script from C++ 00:06:24
      3. Changing Our New Entity Script Properties 00:03:11
    8. Chapter 8: Creating AI Behaviors in Flowgraph
      1. A Brief Introduction to Flowgraph 00:06:52
      2. Setting Up and Generating AI Navigation 00:04:44
      3. Creating Our Own AI Behavior in Flowgraph 00:07:59
    9. Chapter 9: Creating a Custom Flownode from Scratch
      1. Creating the Node Class 00:03:38
      2. Adding Logic to Your Node Part 1 00:04:18
      3. Adding Logic to Your Node Part 2 00:03:42
      4. Adding Logic to Your Node Part 3 00:06:13
      5. Adding Logic to Your Node Part 4 00:08:04
      6. Testing Your Node Class in Game 00:04:51