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CS5.5 Update: InDesign CS5 Visual QuickStart Guide

Book Description

One of the most exciting trends in the field of page layout is the move to digital publishing. This can be electronic books—called ePubs—that are read on devices such as the Amazon Kindle, the Nook from Barnes and Noble, the Sony eBook reader, or the Apple iPad. Up until this version of InDesign, designers who have wanted to create digital publications for these devices have had only limited export controls, and have had to use code or cumbersome third-party applications to turn their InDesign documents into ePubs. With the release of InDesign CS 5.5, Adobe has added a host of new features specifically designed to make it easy for any designer to create attractive ePubs—without learning code or resorting to outside applications. In addition, Adobe has added new features and export options to create interactive applications (also called apps) that run on the iPad and other tablet devices.