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Csound Power! The Comprehensive Guide

Book Description

Csound, a free, crossplatform, doityourself software solution for sound synthesis and music production, has been growing in power for more than 25 years. Getting started with this highly sophisticated system can be a bit daunting for new users. But once you've mastered the basic concepts, using Csound is nearly as easy as plugging patch cords into a modular synthesizer. That's where CSOUND POWER!: THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE comes in. This definitive reference to Csound provides a thorough look at the most important features of this powerful program—as well as an introduction to a few secret features that even experienced Csound users may not know about. In this handson resource, you'll learn how to download and install Csound, how to understand the structure of a .csd file, and how to use dozens of the most important opcodes in the program. You'll find concise explanations, handson projects, and numerous code samples that will help you take advantage of Csound's dense, featurerich environment and make a powerful difference in your musicproduction workflow.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About the Author
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1 The World of Csound
    1. About This Book
    2. What Is Csound?
    3. Why Use Csound?
    4. What You’ll Need
    5. Resources
    6. Alternatives
  8. Chapter 2 Downloading and Installing
    1. Compiling Csound Yourself
    2. Doubles versus Floats
    3. Running the Installer
    4. Installing CsoundQt
    5. Setting Up Your System
  9. Chapter 3 QuickStart Projects
    1. Sequencing Project
    2. Sound Design Project
    3. A Basic Vocoder
  10. Chapter 4 The Structure and Syntax of a .csd File
    1. The Command Line
    2. Tags in the .csd File
    3. The Orchestra Header
    4. Adding Comments to Your Code
    5. Spacing and Parentheses
    6. Macros
  11. Chapter 5 Using the CsoundQt Interface
    1. The Toolbar and Menus
    2. The Main Window
    3. The Configuration Box
    4. Widgets
    5. Live Events
  12. Chapter 6 Building Your Own Instruments and Effects
    1. instr and endin
    2. i- versus k- versus a-
    3. S- and Other Variable Prefixes
    4. Global Variables
    5. Mathematical Operations
    6. p-fields and p-values
    7. Logic and Flow Control
    8. Print Statements
  13. Chapter 7 Thirty Opcodes You Must Know
    1. What Is an Opcode?
    2. Signal Generators
    3. Filters
    4. Global Signal Routing
    5. Pitch Converters
    6. String Manipulation Opcodes
    7. The Important GEN Routines
    8. Table Operations
    9. Dynamics Control and Panning
    10. Audio Output
    11. Effects
    12. Instrument Control
    13. Analysis and Resynthesis
    14. User-Defined Opcodes
    15. Creating Score Events during Performance
  14. Chapter 8 Writing a Csound Score
    1. Score Statements
    2. Score Entry Shortcuts
    3. Looping Score Sections
    4. The Sorting Hat
    5. Legato Instruments
  15. Chapter 9 Front Ends
    1. blue
    2. WinXound
    3. Cecilia 4.2
  16. Chapter 10 Using Csound with MIDI, OSC, Pd, Python, and Live Audio
    1. MIDI
    2. OSC
    3. Real-Time Audio Processing
    4. Using Csound with Pd
    5. Using Python within Csound
    6. Extending Csound Using Scripting Languages
    7. Csound in Ableton Live
  17. Index