Please note that index links point to page beginnings from the print edition. Locations are approximate in e-readers, and you may need to page down one or more times after clicking a link to get to the indexed material.


ABAC (attribute-based access control), 16

abuse cases

adversaries, 135–137

XP, 92

abuser stories in XP, 95


modifications, 353

risk, 306–308

access control

for integrity, 164

models, 14–17

in Safe Harbor principles, 61

access control lists (ACLs), 14, 114, 150

access control matrix model, 16


auditing, 6–7

design for, 166

ACLs (access control lists), 14, 114, 150

acquisition of software components, 75–76

actions in requirements, 134

activities in requirements, 134

actors in use cases, 135

Address ...

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