Submitting a malware Excel document – CVE-2011-0609_XLS-SWF-2011-03-08_crsenvironscan.xls

This section deals with spreadsheet documents that contain malware samples. Please make sure that you have installed the Microsoft Office bundled program in your VM environment. Internet connection in your VM environment is also needed to make sure that the malware analysis can run smoothly in your VM environment.

We will now submit an Excel file as the malware document. Let us see the steps involved:

  1. Open a new Terminal tab (Shift + Ctrl + T) and type in the following command line:
    $ python utils/ --platform windows --package xls  shares/CVE-2011-0609_XLS-SWF-2011-03-08_crsenvironscan.xls

    Please make sure you have a Success message, as shown in the ...

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